Chromium Plating

Description of the process

Decorative chromium plating is applied on sublayers of copper-nickel or multilayer nickel. Sublayers up to several dozen microns thick assure anticorrosive protection, whereas the outer layer of chromium, 0.3 – 1.0 micron thick, makes the coating polish bright.


Decorative chromium plating is applied in:

  • Automotive industry: door handles, headrest frames, hand grips, producers’ logo;
  • Household articles:  hand grips, oven grids, ornamental elements;
  • Furniture industry: fixtures, chairs.
  • Construction industry:  railings, door handles, furnishings.
  • Accessories: buckles, ornaments, lamps.
  • Sanitary fittings: faucets, pipe connectors, valves


Chromium in metallic form is not hazardous to human organism. On the contrary: as an outer layer on decorative cover, e.g. copper-nickel-chromium it protects against allergic effects of nickel.

We use the latest technologies and baths of new generation, assuring high quality.
Chromium plating is carried out on elements made of steel, stainless steel, copper, alloys of copper and aluminium.
Coating (especially technical chromium plating) may be applied selectively

Technical data

GALVO Joint Stock Company offers:

  • Both services:  decorative chromium plating and technical chromium plating.
  •    On automatic line we can perform elements sized up to:  1350mm x 900mm x 400 mm.